The Need to Succeed

A low status creates a need to attain.

A lack of knowledge creates a need to accomplish.

A scarcity of money creates a need to achieve.

Low status, little knowledge and no money, creates a need to succeed.

“Being born with a silver spoon” means that success has been succeeded or inherited by virtue of the status, knowledge and material wealth of the family into which one is born.

Being born into an influential family means that there is no need to succeed. However, whereas there may develop a need to accomplish new areas of knowledge or the need to achieve making ones own money, there is no need to attain status as this comes with the succession.

Status gives a false sense of self-esteem but is without the true power of Self-Worth.

Knowledge gives a false sense of self-worth but is without the true authority of Self-Confidence.

Money gives a false sense of self-confidence but is without the true ability of Self-Esteem.

True Success is:

Attaining the Self-Confidence of being Fulfilled with our own Authority.

Acccomplishing the Self-Worth of the Joy of our own Power.

Achieving the Self-Esteem of the Contentment of our own Ability.