The Need to be Safe & Secure

The Need to be Safe & Secure is created by the belief that I am at risk and in danger.

Believing that I am at risk and in danger depletes my emotional energy reserves.

The sub-conscious manager of my emotional energy reserves needs me to be safe & secure to stop the drain of emotional energy.

The negative state of being that is created by a negative belief is called fear.

I have a fear of being unsafe,unprotected and insecure from the risks and dangers that I belive to exist in my life.

When I am protected and cared for, I am not in danger and not at risk and my emotional energy is stable.

An unsafe and insecure existence confirms my need for a ‘white knight’ who is a protector and meets my need to feel safe and secure.

When I know that my White Knight is my Soul, I know that I am always protected on my journey through life.

I know that I am never at risk, never in danger and have no need to be safe & secure, because I am, I always have been and I always will be.