The Need to Be Right

The need to be right is created by our fear that we can be wrong.

Fear is an acronym for ‘false evidence appearing real’. The appearance of what is false or wrong will create the need to be right.

In this relative world of dual reality, right and wrong exist as opposing perspectives of the same energy.

Being wrong is possible when we believe that there is only one true reality.

The illusion is that we all appear to share the same time and reality, yet we all individually operate at different wavelengths, frequencies and vibrations of energy.

We inhabit different realities based on our perspective of life. When we share a perspective of life, we share that reality with another. What makes it true or false, right or wrong is just our perspective of it.

When we adopt another’s perspective on life, we follow their authority, which is never right for us, and will create a need to be right because we are on the wrong track for us.

Our need to be right will surface as having an issue with Authority. Our rebellion against the authority of others is driven by our need to be right our self.

When we accept that life just is exactly how we have individually created it, we know that we all have choice and whatever we choose will create our own personal, unique and exclusive reality that exists within an illusion of one shared reality called life on Earth.

Once we can consciously see our own reality and accept that other people have their own reality, we can never be wrong and we will never again need to be right.