The Need to be Needed

Our Soul needs our Self.

Our Soul is our Spiritual Entity that requires a Self to Be its physical Identity.

Without the Spiritual Entity our Self is just a material Id.

The material Id is born into physicality and becomes conscious of its Self.

The awareness of the conscious self is called the ego. The unawareness of our conscious self is called the sub-conscious id.

The sub-conscious id and the conscious ego, that is our self, follows the fate of its upbringing and the programming that it receives from family, friends and society.

Whereas the Soul needs the Self in order to experience, discover and explore physical life, the Self exists quite autonomously in ignorance of the Soul, until it becomes ‘awakened’.

The Souls vision, mission and purpose in life is designed to accomplish personal expansive growth for its Self.

In the absence of being connected to what our Soul knows, the Self knows it is needed but doesn’t know why. This develops in the Self a need to be needed which will only be met once the Self knows what it needs to do.

When we know that our Soul needs our Self, we know that we are needed and our need to be needed is satisfied, at which point we become content, fulfilled and joyful knowing the connection that we have with the Soul our Inner Coach.