The Need to be Loved

My Need to be Loved is created by my belief that I am disconnected from my True Power.

When I am disconnetced from my Source of Power, I need to be Loved.

All my emotional needs are an aspect of Love that is missing from my Life.

As an infant, I attached myself to my Parents as my emotional source of power.

I developed a need for approval because my parents’ disapproval disconnected me from their emotional energy.

I developed a need to achieve because my Father & Mother praised me with approval of what ever I achieved in my life.

I developed a need to be appreciated because my Parents appreciated what I did for them.

I developed a need to be needed because if no one needed me where would I get my emotional energy?

As I grew up and became unattached from my parents emotionally, I sub-consciously learned to get my need for approval, my need for appreciation, and my need for achievement met by my friends, my teachers, my employers and anyone else who needed me and met my need to be needed.

As I spiritually grow and learn to connect to my True Source of Power, I know that I no longer need to be Loved because I am Loved, I am appreciated for what I do, I have approval for who I am being, I can never fail, and I am needed, every moment of every day for the rest of my Life, by my Source of Eternal Love – my Soul.