The Need to be Loved

We need to be Loved when we are disconnected from the Source of our Love.

Our Soul & Inner Coach is the Source of our Love.

Our Source of emotional power comes from the Heart of our Being. This is the Soul’s Love for its Self.

When disconnected from our Soul, we will seek our emotional power from the external world.

Whatever external power we seek is an emotional need.

Once connected to our True Emotional Power of Love from our Heart, we have no emotional need to be Loved – because we know that we are.

We connect to our Heart & Soul to receive Love. We attach our Self to another or a false god, as a substitute for the love that we need.

True Love flows in a positive direction from Source, through our Self, to the world as a whole.

The need to be Loved is the result of negative resistance, false beliefs, and life dramas that disconnect us from our Source.