The Need to be Appreciated

We need to be appreciated when we do not value our own self-worth.

When our self-worth is depreciated, we may need appreciation from others.

The need to achieve is often driven by the need to be appreciated. When others appreciate what we do and achieve, we learn to do things for the appreciation that we receive.

When appreciation is the reward for achievement, we associate accomplishment with self-worth and our value is directly related to what we do and achieve rather than who we are.

Whereas achievement gains appreciation, we may need approval before being able to achieve anything.

When we risk disapproval, we will fear the failure of non-achievement and not being appreciated.

When the price of failure becomes disapproval and depreciation as opposed to the rewards of approval and appreciation of success, we have too much invested in the duality of success and failure.

Success or failure, appreciation or depreciation, approval and disapproval, are just opposing perspectives of the same energy.