The Need for Self-Worth

When I know my value and my worth, I have no Need for Self-Worth.

When I value my Self, I have self-worth and I have no need for self-worth because I have it.

Having emotional needs depletes my self-worth.

Emotional needs are created by my belief that there are aspects of my Self that lack value and are worthless.

Any belief that creates an emotional need is a limiting belief, because it limits my ability to connect to my true power.

My self-worth is a measure of my emotional power.

The magnitude of my emotional power determines my level of self-worth.

The more valuable I know my Self to be, the more powerful that I am.

The more powerful I feel my Self to be, the more worthy I am.

My Source of Power that is the source of my self-worth, is within me.

It is the disconnection from my Source and my source of emotional power that devalues my self-worth and creates my emotional needs.

It is the disconnection of my Self from my Soul that creates my need for self-worth.

I need self-worth when I do not see my Self as worthy.

My Soul always sees my Self as Worthy.

My Soul knows how valuable my Self is.