The Need for Respect

The Need for Respect manifests when others do not see me as I wish to be seen.

When others do not see me as I wish to be seen, they do not show me the respect that I need from them.

My need for respect is created by the image that I portray to other people.

I portray an image of a personality and a character that I believe others will look up to and respect.

I will need respect when I believe that respect needs to be earned and deserved.

I will need respect from others when I have no respect for my Self.

I cannot have respect for my Self until I can see my Self as my True Self – my Soul.

When I can re-see my Self, I have re-spect for my Self.

When I see my Self through the eyes of my Soul, I have all the respect that I will ever need.

My Soul has total and unconditional respect for my Self. It is All-Seeing of who I really am.