The Need for Approval

Deep down, I intuitively know that I am perfect.

On the surface, I experience with my physical senses all the imperfection of life.

In my created reality, I disapprove of all the imperfection because I know that it is not really me.

The experience of my created reality re-inforces my disapproval of my Self.

My Self has created an imperfect reality and the disapproval of its own creation.

My reality is that the disapproval of myself has created the disapproval of my Self by myself.

In the disapproval of my Self, I believe that I need approval and I seek it from those closest to me who reflect that disapproval to me.

Their approval replaces the emotional energy that my disapproval depletes.

Sub-consciously, I know that I need approval and my behaviour is driven by that need for approval from the only place that I have ever received it – friends and relatives who have given me their approval in the past.

Once conscious of my need for approval, I can consciously choose my source of approval and learn to unconditionally give approval to my Self.

The only time that I do not need approval is the time when I already have it.

The only way to have self-approval is to attain the state of Being Approving.

When I am Being unconditionally Approving of my Self, I am Being my Soul and life is Divine.