My Spiritual Growth

My Spiritual Growth requires the Holy Communion of my Emotional Power, my Mental Authority & my Physical Ability.

The Personal Development of my Self allows the Spiritual Growth of my Soul.

My personal development is realised through my experience of Physical Life.

In physical life, I always have choice.

I can choose the omniscient authority of my super-conscious Soul, the self-confidence of my sub-conscious ego Self, or the arrogance of other people.

I can choose the omnipotent power of my Soul, the self-worth of my ego self, or the motivation of other people’s needs.

I can choose the omnipresent ability of my Higher Self, the self-esteem of my lower self or the ability of others to live my life for me.

My personal development allows the attainment of Happiness through my physical contentment, my mental fulfilment & my emotional joy.

It also allows the attainment of my Well-being through my attributes of being physically accepting, mentally allowing & emotionally approving.

In the development of my personal happiness & well-being, I attain my Spiritual Growth with the appreciation of my Soul.

My Spiritual Growth is the Appreciation of my Soul.