Intuitive Faith

Faith is intuitive.

Trust is learned.

A faith that is learned is called a religion.

Religious faith is a trust that is learned.

It is trusting the word of another Man’s faith.

True Faith is intuitive – no trust is required.

My path is my faith and I follow it faithfully.

I trust the path of another once it has proved to be safe.

I have faith in my own path, which I know to be secure.

I am never at risk on my path when my path is secured.

Trusting others is always a risk.

I follow my path intuitively.

It presents itself each day.

I cannot learn it or learn to trust it.

I can only follow it intuitively with faith because I know that it feels right for me.

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Since retiring from corporate life at the age of 50, I have spent the past 15 years as a Life Coach and a Writer. In this time I have written my 'Book' about the story of my journey to experience my vision, mission and purpose for my life. My Book so far, has 25 volumes and includes where I was in my life, who I choose to be in life, and how I will attain it. It sets out the parameters of my ideal life and how I choose to live it. Coaching is a true expression of everything that I value in my life. It is therefore neither a hobby nor a business, but a vocation. I share my skills and the wisdom that I have learned as a Coach to be of service to others. I believe that before we can change the followers, we first have to change the leaders. A graduate from CoachU in 1999, I now specialise in coaching qualified Life Coaches on their own personal path of development. My latest book: "The Metaphysical Nature of Consciousness" explores the questions: "Who are we?" and "Why are we here?" My Daily Blog now lists over 3,000 posts on Personal Development & Spiritual Growth. My Vision is to live in a world where everyone is in control of their own power, owns their own authority and is responsible for their own actions.

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