Emotional Need

There is one primary Emotional Need and that is the Need for Power.

I need emotional power when I am disconnected from my Source of Emotional Power.

The Source of my Power is my Soul, who is my Grace, my Omnipotence and my Lord Almighty.

When I am connected, inspired and empowered by the authority of my chosen Life Path, I have no emotional needs.

When I am off-track and aligned with my Self, I will need to get my emotional needs met in order to accomplish the will of my ego’s desires.

My emotional need for power presents itself in either an introvert or an extrovert way.

The Need for Love creates an extrovert personality as my ego seeks its power from other people.

The Need for Space creates an introvert personality as my ego seeks to replenish its power itself.

The Need for Power becomes either a need to be loved or a need to have space and determines whether my personality is introvert or extrovert.

My need to be loved and my need to have space are then subject to different characteristics and change their nature dependent on the beliefs that also determine my character.

As I change my beliefs, I change my character and I change my needs, which changes my personality.

The Source of my True Identity is the Source of my True Power.