3 Types of Justice

Criminal Justice is:

  • Man’s attempt to create a fair system that victimises villains and compensates victims.
  • A system of legalised revenge for the unjust deeds that Man performs against their fellow Man.
  • Confines ‘bad’ people in a place of security so that ‘good’ people can feel safe.

Social Justice is:

  • Man’s attempt to create equality for all members of their society.
  • Required in a society that believes that “all men are created equal but some never-the-less are more equal than others”.
  • Required in a society that encourages the need for education to provide knowledge; status to provide authority; and money to provide power; and encourages people to compete for all three.

Universal Justice:

  • Just Is.
  • Is provided by the ‘Law of Attraction’ according to the ‘Golden Rule’. What we do unto others will be done unto ourself.
  • Applies to all people, equally fairly and justly.