Popularity is a Popular Reality.

A popular reality is a reality of the people.

The people or ‘populus’ determine what is popular.

Whatever is popular is whatever is generally preferred.

Trends & fashions are a reflection of a changing popular reality.

Popularity is often confused with personality.

For a personality to have popularity they need to have a popular personality.

Pop stars are personalities who sing popular music.

Film stars are actors who star in popular films.

Football stars play for popular teams.

The need to be popular drives an extrovert personality.

Popular people have a life style that is envied by the general public.

Their popularity is a reflection of their ability to live a life that is the envy of the general population.


Fatality is a fatal reality.

A fatal reality is the reality of fate.

The reality of my fate is a perspective of life that survives death.

It is my fate to survive a long slow lingering existence towards an eventual death.

This excludes any vision of the existence of my destiny.

It is my destiny to succeed in life.

It is my fate to be the victim of my fears & my limiting beliefs.

It is my destiny to follow the messages & direction of my inspired revelations.

My fears & beliefs convict my fatality.

My faith allows my destiny to unfold.

Fatality is the reality of life & death.

To live in a duality of life & death is my fate.

The reality of Life is my destiny.


Logicality is the reality of logic.

A logical reality is confused with a rational reality.

Logicality can be rational and it can also be emotional.

Logia means divine words.

Divine words are words of wisdom.

Words of wisdom are inspired revelations.

Logically, divine thoughts are not the result of a thinking process.

Inspired revelations are super-conscious thoughts that become words of logic.

Restricting logic to rational thinking disallows emotional intelligence & intuition, which is illogical from a higher perspective.

When logic becomes scientific it is no longer intuitive.

It has become a thinking process that excludes divine thought.

Rational logic creates a purely physical reality that excludes emotional experience and spiritual growth.

Intuitive logic allows spirituality to exist.


Passivity is being passively active.

It is also being actively passive.

It overcomes the duality of being either passive or active.

It is doing nothing very well indeed.

Passivity allows my awareness of the essence of my Beingness.

It allows my adjective awareness with clarity.

Passivity allows me to focus on who I am being rather than the activity that I am doing.

A river can flow actively and it can also flow passively.

Passivity expresses qualities of stillness, depth, calm & flow in a very active way.

I cannot do passivity but I can be actively passive in a very positive way.


Expansivity is being actively expansive.

Being expansively active allows expansive growth.

Expansive growth is exclusively mine when I have a Soul connection.

Exclusivity & Connectivity allow Expansivity.

My Soul seeks to be expansively growing.

I seek to experience, explore & discover the expansiveness of my universe.

My Soul is expansive and my Self is contracted.

My contract with my Self is to be actively expansive.

My contract is my covenant with my Soul.

My covenant is my blue-print for expansive growth in this life-time.

My vision, mission & purpose is my blue-print for expansivity.

Being actively expansive has true value for me.


Connectivity is being actively connected.

It is being actively connected to life.

I actively connect to life through my Soul.

My Soul causes my life to flow through my Self, as long as I am connected.

Connectivity actively connects my Self to my life force energy through who I am being.

The authority of my enlightened Self empowers & enables my activity.

Being actively authorised, empowered & enabled requires my connectivity.

Being disconnected disallows my authority and disempowers my ability.

Disconnected activity requires a great amount of will power.

Connectivity though is totally allowing.

It totally allows activity to flow.

Even passive activity flows effortlessly to me.


Exclusivity is being exclusively active.

It is actively following my exclusive path.

It is knowing that I am a unique & individual exclusive Human Being.

I am actively doing what has true value for me.

I am being truly selfish by actively being my True Self.

I am fulfilling my vision, my mission and my purpose in life.

I know my true identity is being actively expressed.

I know that my choice is exclusively mine and that my choice creates my exclusive reality.

My reality is exclusively my own creation.

Exclusivity may or may not include or exclude others, yet it is always inclusive of my Soul.

My exclusivity requires my Soul’s inclusivity.

My Soul exclusively includes its Self.