Economy is how I manage my provision.

With a scarcity mentality, I see my provision as limited.

A limited provision needs managing carefully & frugally.

Extravagance is seen as luxury not as economy.

Economy is for the lower classes when first class is reserved for the elite.

Even the rich & privileged class need to manage their assets carefully and ensure they are managed economically when they have a scarcity mentality.

With an abundance mentality, I do not need to manage or control an allowance that is delivered by providence.

I just allow it to manifest in divine time & in divine order.

I know that my allowance is provided as long as I maintain my abundance mentality.

An economic outlook sees scarcity or gluttony, never abundance.

Tension & Attention

Tension allows continuous reality in time.

Attention is my focus on reality in time.

Without tension time cannot be linear.

Linear time allows a past & a future.

Tension allows a past & a future tense to be present.

Focusing my attention on the past or the future takes me out of the present moment of time.

Attention to the past or the future causes tension.

It causes a tension of ‘but no’ & ‘what if’.

With my present attention, there is no tension, no past thinking, no future projection, no ifs, no buts.

When I pay attention to my tension, I am aware of my limitations and my opportunities for growth.


A Dependency is what I depend on for my emotional energy.

I can be dependent on a person to meet my emotional needs.

I can be dependent on a substance to give me an emotional buzz or high.

I can be dependent on a habit, dependent on a substance or dependent on a person to supply whatever I need emotionally.

Dependency on a person forms a dependent relationship.

Dependency on a substance causes an addiction.

Dependency on a belief causes a habit.

A behaviour always follows a belief.

A habit is a consistent behaviour that follows a sub-conscious belief.

When I change a belief, I can change a habit.

When I change a habit, I can change how I meet my dependent need for emotional energy and give up an addiction.

Grateful & In Gratitude

I am Grateful for what other people give to me.

I am In Gratitude for whatever life is providing for my Self.

I am grateful for what is given & received.

I am in gratitude when being accepting.

Being grateful gives others the emotional energy to continue to give.

Being in gratitude is the universal power to attract what I have into my future. It allows me to accept and the universe to deliver.

I am grateful for my advice & directions from others.

I am in gratitude for my alignment with my Soul’s providential path.

Being grateful is the energy of kindness.

Being in gratitude is the energy of kindliness.

There is no duality when in gratitude, no unkindness & no ungratefulness.


Equality is an equal reality.

It is a reality in which we are all equal.

We all have the equal ability to create our own reality.

In absolute reality, we are all equal.

In relative duality, we are either more equal or less equal than others, relative to the reality that we are creating.

An unequal reality is a negative perspective of reality that believes in inequality.

Inequality is a perspective of people who believe that others are better off than them.

It is my belief in inequality that allows others to be more equal than me.

Equality is a measure of potential.

It is the potential of everyone to be equally magnificent.

However, that is only the perspective of those who know themselves to be the equal of all others.

For they have realised that equality is their potential and is potentially theirs.


Legality is the reality of law.

Laws are real even though they are man made.

Man makes laws to control & protect the reality that Man has chosen as legal.

Unfortuneately, society believes that whereas legality is a personal choice, reality is not.

When we all come to realise that we are all creating our own individual reality, there will be no need for legality.

A law is a standard of behaviour that the governors of people enforce on their citizens to assure their safety & security and the legality of their actions.

A law defines the boundaries of behaviour that are acceptable by the majority of people and is enforced by a statute of our governing law makers.

We elect governors to make laws to control & govern the people and protect the people from those who choose to live outside of the law.

Legality is a judgment based on a perspective of an interpretation of a law.

In an ideal reality, no one is outside of the law.

In a law free society, everyone is lawful and no one is lawless.

No one is above the law and no one is a victim of the law.


Ethicality is the reality of ethics.

Ethics are the standards of behaviour that are derived from philosophical thinking.

Philosophy is the wisdom of love studied by people with a love of wisdom.

Ethical behaviour follows wise perspectives that are perceived to be loving.

Behaviour that is both wise & loving is seen to be ethical.

In today’s society, the role of philosophy has been overtaken by science.

Scientists now see themselves as the guardians of what is believed to be ethical.

Ethics are now seen to be rational & logical.

It follows a belief that knowledge must be rational to be wise and love is emotional and therefore irrational.

Sophia the goddess of wisdom has forsaken Philos the god of love in today’s ethical reality.