Subjectivity is subjective activity.

It is activity that I subject my Self to.

My activity is my subjective behaviour.

It is my personal choice of activity.

Personal behaviour always follows personal belief.

My beliefs drive my behaviour and influence my choice of activity.

I am the subject of the activity that I subject my Self to.

Subjectivity is the state of having things to do.

Having things to do is not the same as having to do things.

Having to do things is a toleration.

Having things to do allows me to express who I am being.

I express my Beingness through my subjective activity.

Subjectivity allows me to be me.


Receptivity is the state of being actively receptive.

Being actively receptive to life is being accepting.

Being actively accepting of all opportunities in life requires receptivity.

With receptivity, I am in gratitude & appreciation of whatever I am receiving.

I am receiving life with open arms and an open mind.

My mind is open to every opportunity that is potentially being presented.

I am receptive to my messages and the signs that direct me along my path.

I am receiving my inspired revelations that allow my daily activity to effortlessly flow.

I am being receptive to my exclusive path of inner guidance.

I am receiving & hearing my Soul’s transmission.

My reception is loud and my direction is clear.


Frivolity is frivolous activity.

It is emotional activity that is seen as irrational & without logic.

A rational view of frivolity sees it as a folly that is without levity or gravitas.

An emotional perception of frivolity sees it as a source of fun & amusement.

Frivolity is without serious intention.

It is light-hearted activity.

Activity with a light heart is inspired & empowered.

New born lambs gambol with innocence & frivolity.

I can be innocent of frivolity, guilty of frivolity or innocent with frivolity.

Frivolity without judgment is a pure activity.

It is the pure enjoyment of flowing effortlessly with life’s intuitive connection.


Insensitivity is insensitive activity.

It is rational activity that lacks awareness.

It is emotionally unintelligent.

It is unaware of other people’s emotional state of being as well as being unaware of one’s own.

It appears to others as being apathetic & uncaring.

Insensitivity is the effect of a rational analysis of what is occurring with a disconnected sense of feelings.

It is without the sympathy of sharing another’s negative thoughts & emotions.

It is without the compassion of sharing another’s positive feelings & experiences.

It is without the empathy of sharing another’s intuitive path.

It is the effect of sub-conscious reactivity that is disconnected from my empowered higher awareness.

It is the consequence of a belief system that sees emotion as irrational and therefore inconsequential.


Nativity is native activity.

Native activity is the daily activity that I am born into.

I become a native of other people’s activities.

My nativity is relative to my native beliefs.

My native beliefs are common to my nation of native people.

I behave in character with the nationality of my nativity.

How I am raised and where I am brought up determine the behaviour that becomes native to my Self.

My tribal mentality determines my nativity as it is native to my Self.

I associate with the characteristics of my tribe, society or nation.

Native activity meets my need to belong.

I belong to the nation of my nativity.

I act in life according to the nativity of my birth.

I am a born native of my environment.


Captivity is capped or captive activity.

My activity is capped when I am trapped within my comfort zone or held captive within an uncomfortable zone.

I am not captivated by the comfort & safety of my environment.

Nor am I captivated by the discomfort & security of my detention.

I can be imprisoned by the boundaries of society and I can become a captive of my own need for comfort & security.

Captivity stops me crossing other people’s boundaries.

It also disallows other people crossing my boundaries.

It encourages retentivity & endorses my limiting beliefs.

I am free to explore the limits of my captivity.

I am only ever a prisoner of my own self-imposed boundaries that form my comfort zone.

My need for security causes my captivity and caps my spiritual growth.


Retentivity is retentive activity.

I act retentively when I hold on to my limiting beliefs.

Firmly held beliefs are convictions.

I am convicted by my retentive beliefs.

Retentive beliefs cause retentive behaviour.

Retentive behaviour is habitual & routine.

Habit & routine can feel safe & comfortable.

A retentive comfort zone offers security but no expansivity.

Letting go is expansive; retaining is constrictive, contracting & retentive.

I hold on tight to survive the chaos of an impending disaster.

I let go of my retentivity to effortlessly flow with life.

Effortless flow allows expansive activity, never retentivity.