Careless & Care Less

Careless is a state of not being present.

When I am not focused on what I am presently doing, I am being careless.

I am taught to be careful to avoid accidents by people who believe that being careless causes accidents.

Care Less is a state of being aware of caring less.

I either care about my problems or I care about taking care of other people’s problems.

By having fewer problems, I have less to care about and I care less.

Only when I become problem-free can I become care-free.

I don’t need to care about opportunities, I just take them.

Opportunities take care of themselves.

Opportunities are never a problem and they never cause accidents.

When I care less about my problems, I care more for my opportunities.

When I focus on being care less, being careless never arises.

Being careless is never an accident.

Being Caring

Being Caring meets my need to be needed.

I care for other people by meeting their need to be cared for.

I care about other people by helping them solve their problems.

I take care of other people by solving their problems for them.

No one ever needs me to take care of their opportunities.

They are quite capable of doing that themselves.

People who are problem-free don’t need looking after.

Those who don’t need to care for others don’t need to be bothered by others.

Without physical or emotional needs, I don’t need the care of others.

Caring is the kindness of looking after our own kind in our own kind of way.

Needy people attract the kind of people who need to be needed.

People who need to be needed really care about getting their own emotional needs met.

Being Careful

Being Careful is a victim mentality.

I am careful to avoid accidents.

Accidents are a problem.

I am a victim of my belief that accidents happen.

I am taught to be careful to avoid accidents.

The more I focus on being careful, the more accidents I need to avoid.

Whatever I focus my attention on, I bring into my reality.

I will never become accident free by being careful.

Being careful makes me accident prone.

When I am no longer a victim of my beliefs , I no longer cause accidents and I no longer need to be careful.

There are no accidents, ever.

Everything happens on purpose, when I am being on purpose.

Driven or Drawn

I am Driven by my emotional needs.

I am Drawn to my true values.

I am Driven to promote.

I am Drawn to attract.

I am Driven & motivated.

I am Drawn & empowered.

I am Driven by my beliefs.

I am Drawn to my inspired thoughts.

I am Driven to achieve.

I am Drawn to succeed.

I am Driven by my riches.

I am Drawn to my wealth.

I drive solutions to my problems.

I draw opportunities to me.

I am driven by my fate.

I am drawn to my destiny.

Worship, Adore, Idolise

Worship is how I relate to emotional power.

It is the act of communion with my emotional energy source.

Connecting to my Soul’s power is an act of worship.

Connecting to someone else’s emotional energy can be too.

Adoration is an intense attachment to someone else’s emotional power.

I adore the feeling of love that I need and they supply.

I adore someone else’s emotional power when they share it with me.

Adoration is the worship of someone else’s emotional energy.

Idolising someone else is extreme adoration.

It is putting someone on a pedestal as being special.

It is the belief that the power that they give to me is divine.

Worshipping, adoring & idolising others is never divine.

It is always my needy attachment that is caused by my emotional disconnection from its true source.

Balance, Harmony, Equilibrium

Balance requires a neutral perspective.

A neutral perspective is undivided by polarity & makes no judgment.

It allows life to evolve as an opportunity.

Mental balance has no limiting beliefs or fears.

Harmony requires a united perception.

An harmonious perception is undivided by emotional gender.

It feels the purity of what is.

It approves the character & nature of all life.

Emotional harmony has no attachments or emotional needs.

Equilibrium requires freedom of choice.

The freedom to choose my perspective and how I perceive it to really be.

It accepts that whatever turns up in life is my choice.

Equilibrium is the product of balance & harmony.

It causes no dramas, just pure a experience of life.

Pure Attraction

Pure Attraction is the experience of Beauty.

Beauty is the purity of Attraction.

Pure Attraction is charming, enchanting & magical.

The purity of my authority is enchanting.

The purity of my power is charming.

The purity of my ability is magical.

Impure attraction may appear pleasing, endearing & captivating but it breeds greed, trickery & manipulation, which are ugly.

Impure attraction causes dependency & unattractive attachments.

It seeks power or authority from others or over others.

Enchanting authority is never manipulative.

Charming power is never greedy.

Magical ability is not trickery.

Pure Attraction is developmental & expansive, never divisive.

It is full of Beauty, never ugly.