Surprise is to accept the unexpected.

It is a feeling of amazement & wonder.

I am continually surprised and in awe of my Soul’s path for my Self.

A surprise is like a miracle, when they happen as a matter of course I am no longer surprised by the miracle of life.

Surprises are caused by the expectation of something more usual occurring.

Surprise means to take on.

When I take on the path of my destiny, life becomes one surprise after another.

I surprise my Soul and my Soul surprises my Self.

I am never surprised by my fate because I expect it.

When I move out of expectation there is no disappointment and I allow surprises to flow freely into my life.

Planning my expectations disallows surprises.

Without surprises there is no amazement or wonder.

I wonder what will amaze & surprise me next on my journey through life.

The Entitler

The Entitler is entitled to their entitlement.

My entitlement is my provision & my allowance.

I am entitled to my choice.

To choose my ideal choice, I am required to name it or give it a title.

I cannot choose that which I cannot define.

With definition it can become definite in my reality.

I am not entitled to that which I cannot define as my reality.

The Entitler defines their own meaning, reason, & purpose for their life.

I am entitled to the vision of a mission in life that has true value for me.

I am entitled to that which I entitle & define as my manifest.

An indefinite manifestation is not a reality.

I am entitled to define & manifest my own reality.

This is the entitlement of the Entitler.

Illude, Elude, Allude

I Illude to a false perspective of reality.

A false perspective of reality is an illusion.

My sub-conscious id illudes to a false perspective of reality, which is an illusion of its own creation.

I Elude a perspective of reality that my ego chooses to avoid.

My lack of awareness renders my ideal reality elusive and an elusion.

My awareness of my true Self eludes my conscious sense of Self.

I Allude to my true sense of Self.

My true sense of Self is my Soul.

My Soul alludes my super-conscious messages of inspired revelation.

It continuously alludes the allusion of my true reality.

My Soul alludes, my ego eludes & my id is illuded.

Surcome & Succumb

To Surcome is to overcome.

I overcome the drama of a duality.

To overcome is to meet the challenge.

When I overcome a challenge, I learn a life lesson and I see an opportunity for growth.

I overcome the trials of physical existence by seeing a third way.

I see the triality of life, not the duality of existence.

I become the cause of my own destiny.

To Succumb is to surrender to my fate.

It is being overcome by the duality of life by being at the effect of life.

It is being lost & overwhelmed with confusion & frustration.

I succumb to an apparent problem that has no solution.

I surcome a challenge and accept my opportunity.

I succumb to an overpowering external force.

I surcome with the power of my inspired intuitive inner guidance.


Empowering is the skill of connecting to one’s own source of emotional power.

I empower my Self by connecting to a pure sense of emotional feeling.

Doing what feels good is always empowering.

I empower others by connecting them to whatever feels good.

I empower others by detaching them from any external dependency that supplies their emotional need for power.

I empower others by disconnecting them from any disempowering beliefs.

I empower others by consciously meeting their emotional needs and clarifying their true values.

I empower my Self with authorised thoughts.

Authorised thoughts are empowered.

Limiting beliefs & fears are not.

When I am empowered with authority, no motivation is required.


Listening is the skill of hearing my messages.

I listen with my physical hearing, I hear with my intuitive knowing.

When I truly hear someone, I hear their message for me.

I cannot hear someone unless I first learn to listen.

Listening requires a quiet mind.

A quiet mind allows messages to be received intuitively.

Listening to what someone is saying allows me to listen to what they are not saying and hear the right question to ask.

What they are not saying is what they are not seeing.

The right question allows another to see the answer for themselves.

It also allows me to hear what they are saying but not hearing because they are not listening.

Listening to others allows me to hear my Self.


Challenging is the skill of overcoming a problem.

I am compromised by a problem, I am never challenged by a problem.

I am either challenged to overcome a problem or I have the problem of finding a solution.

Finding a solution doesn’t make the problem go away.

The solution to every problem is having enough emotional energy not to see it as a problem.

With enough emotional energy, life is never a problem.

The only challenge in life is to have enough emotional energy.

With enough emotional energy, I always meet the challenge because I see every opportunity in my life.

My only challenge is to see everything as an opportunity.

I only ever challenge others to see their opportunity for development & growth.