What A Missionary Is!

A Missionary is a person on a mission.

A person on a mission has an agenda.

Christian Missionaries have a religious agenda.

Their mission is to spread the gospel of the Bible.

Religious Missionaries have an agenda to convert people to their religion.

A religious mission is not the same as a spiritual mission.

We are all Spiritual Missionaries whether we know it or not, irrespective of any religious affiliation.

We are all on an undertaking for our Soul.

We are all undertaking a mission for the purpose of the Soul’s spiritual growth.

A Spiritual Missionary is one who is on a mission to fulfil the vision of their Soul.

Unawakened souls are not carrying out their mission on purpose.

Although unawakened to a spiritual path or mission, we are all still fulfilling the path of our Soul, even though our vision has no purpose or our purpose has no vision.

It is only once awakened with a vision of my spiritual purpose that I realise that I am on a mission.

My mission is to fulfil my Soul’s vision for its Self, on purpose.

The purpose of a Missionary is to fulfil their mission.

The purpose of a mission is to fulfil a personal vision.

The purpose of a personal vision is the expansive growth of the Soul.

What A Clear Intention Has!

A Clear Intention has clarity of vision.

A vision is a projection of the imagination.

The imagination is my ‘possible intention’ creator.

All possible intentions are created first in the imagination.

The Soul’s creative ability originates with an image of the creation that it intends to create.

Imagination is Source Creator.

An image is the thought energy of an unmanifested creation.

The Soul’s intention for its Self originates as a thought that has clarity.

Every clear intention is in alignment with the Soul’s vision for its Self.

A clear intention has purpose.

The purpose of the Self is clear when the ego has clarity of vision.

When the ego Self knows its vision, its purpose in life becomes clear.

The purpose of the Self is the expansive growth of the Soul.

Expansive growth is the clear intention of the Soul.

When my ego Self aligns with the clear intention of the Soul, I am fulfilling my mission in life.

My vision in life is the clear intention of my Soul.

My mission in life is to experience the clear intention of my Soul.

My purpose in life is to explore & discover all possible intentions with clarity.

A clear intention has my alignment with my Soul’s vision, mission & purpose for its Self.

A clear intention has the emotional power, the mental authority & the physical ability to manifest as my reality.

What A Harmonious Gender Is!

A Harmonious Gender is emotional energy that is both male & female.

When my male & female energy comes into balance, the gender is harmonious.

Harmony has no conflict, no opposition & no contrast.

Male or female gender is a personal choice.

In a relative dual reality world, choice allows a perception of my energy to be male or female.

My perception of energy being either male or female allows my choice of gender.

My Soul has no gender and is an expression of pure harmony.

Harmonious gender is a paradox as pure harmony has no gender.

It is through the expression of a particular gender that I can explore all the aspects of my emotional energy.

It is the contrasting genders of my emotional energy that allows the ego its sense of Self.

It is the ego’s ability to sense itself from contrasting & opposing perspectives that allows me to explore, experience & discover my true nature.

I can bring the two contrasting genders of my emotional energy into harmony once I have explored the extremes of their different characteristics.

When I learn to blend all the aspects, of the male & female wavelengths, of my emotional energy together; I attain a harmonious gender.

It is the harmonious gender of my emotional energy being without inner conflict that allows my inner peace.

What A Neutral Polarity Is!

A Neutral Polarity is neither positive nor negative.

Positive & negative are a duality with a neutral third way.

Polarity is the direction of choice.

Duality allows choice and I can see that choice as either positive or negative.

A positive perspective perceives my direction to be good & right for me and a negative perspective perceives it to be bad & wrong for me.

Polarity is a perspective of the ego’s perception of Self.

Whether I consider my direction in life to be positive or negative is a perspective of my ego’s perception.

My ego Self always has a choice of direction, which becomes my polarity of choice.

My Soul’s choice has no polarity.

The Soul’s vision for its Self has no duality.

The neutral polarity of my Soul’s choice is divine wisdom.

The divine wisdom of my Soul is my empowered choice.

An empowered choice has a neutral polarity, even though the ego may see it as a positive choice.

When my Self sees that I am empowered with an opportunity, there is no choice to be made.

Neutral polarity allows my Soul’s choice for its Self to flow through me without resistance or restriction.

Only once I approve & accept my Soul’s choice can I overcome the duality & the paradox of what my ego is choosing.

My ego’s will chooses either a positive or a negative polarity of direction.

My Soul’s choice is a neutral polarity with an empowered authority.

Neutral polarity is authorised, empowered & enabled to flow with Life.

What A Teacher Does!

A Teacher is one who facilitates learning.

Learning is a process of personal growth.

Personal growth is a matter of choice.

It is my choice of experience that allows my personal growth.

It is my personal growth that allows a better choice.

An Educator is one who passes on knowledge.

Educating is an objective.

A Teacher allows subjective learning.

Subjective learning is where the student learns their subject of choice.

A Teacher guides & supports Individuals on their chosen path through life.

My connetion to my Soul facilitates my learning.

My Soul is my spiritual Teacher.

A Teacher is the one who knows the answers.

A Student is the one who asks the questions.

A Coach is one who asks the questions for the student.

Learning is a process of finding the answers to personal questions.

A Teacher is the model for personal attainment.

I can only attain what I imagine my personal growth to be.

What A Friend Is!

A Friend is a person who meets my emotional needs.

The more emotional needs that a person meets, the better friend they become.

The person who best meets my emotional needs is my best friend.

In my disconnection from Source, it is my friends who meet my need for emotional energy.

Friends are people who I need in my life.

The more extrovert that I am, the more I need other people to meet my emotional needs and the more friends that I have.

I attract people with a similar energy to myself.

The Law of Attraction brings people into my experience who are like me.

I meet many acquaintances in life who are like me, yet I do not consider them to be potential friends.

People are friendly to me when I am friendly to them.

This is the like energy of attraction between friendly people.

Just because people are friendly doesn’t make them a friend.

Friends & enemies are a duality of perspective & experience.

Friends meet my emotional energy whereas I drain my emotional power to my enemies through fear.

People whom I drain my emotional energy to are not considered to be friends.

I do not like people who drain my emotional energy even though, paradoxically, they are like me.

I attract people with a similar energy as me.

Whether I like them or not is a matter of my own perspective and my own emotional need to be friends.

What An Alien Is!

An Alien is a conscious sentient creature that is unfamiliar.

I am familiar with all the creatures that inhabit the Earth’s land, sea & sky.

However, newly discovered creatures at the bottom of the deep oceans may appear alien in nature.

As do insects appear alien when magnified under a microscope.

Any physical form that appears unfamiliar to me, I perceive to be alien.

Any physical characteristics that are unfamiliar are alien to me.

Anything that is not akin to the creatures of the Earth is alien to me.

Any version of reality that has more than three dimensions is alien to me.

An Alien is a creature or a sentient Being with consciousness that has unfamilar characteristics & behaviours and originates from a different space-time reality to Earth.

A Being of Consciousness is a manifestation into physical reality of the creativity of mindful thought.

An Alien is a conscious thinking Being with a mind & thoughts that are unfamiliar to myself.

Any manifestation of consciousness, of which I am unfamiliar, is alien to me.

In the mind of the Soul there are no alien life forms.

Nothing is unfamiliar in the Universal Family of the Soul.