Surety & Bond

Surety is a certain knowing.

Certain knowing requires faith.

Bond is a connection.

The faith of my knowing is relative to the connection to my authority.

My true authority is the inner guidance of my inspired Soul.

My connection to my Soul’s inner guidance is my bond.

It is also my surety.

My certain knowing is intuitive.

It comes from my inner tutor, my Soul.

My surety is an intuitive bond between my Self and my Soul.

I have total faith in the surety of my soul.

For What We Are About To Receive

For What We Are About To Receive is a statement of Grace.

My grace is my spiritual power.

My spiritual power delivers my allowance.

I require the spiritual power to receive my providence.

That power comes with the ability to be accepting.

I accept what I am about to receive with grace.

I neither decline it nor tolerate it when I am in gratitude for whatever I receive.

When My Lord is Truly Thankful for what I receive, I am aligned with my Soul’s Providence.

When I accept my life’s opportunities with grace & gratitude, I ensure that they continue to flow to me.

My gratitude for my present ensures my future grace.

Positive Mental Attitude

P.M.A. is a Positive Mental Attitude.

Mental is of the Mind.

Mental Attitude is the inclination of my beliefs.

It is the perspective that underpins my thinking.

My mental beliefs determine my perspective, which is my inclination or my attitude.

Positive means proceeding in a forward direction.

A positive mental attitude will steer me along my path.

Not only am I following my path but I have the vision to see my destiny.

I am receiving my opportunities in appreciation of my allowance and in total acceptance of my providence.

My thoughts are positively inspired & empowered.

Being of One Mind

Being of One Mind is not the same as being single-minded.

A single-minded person is not consciously aware of their ability to choose their own life path.

They are steadfast in their belief that what they have been taught is right.

When I am of One Mind, all aspects of my mind co-operate in unison.

When all aspects of my mind are working together, they align with the Universal Mind.

When my sub-conscious, conscious & super-conscious mind are all aligned, I am in harmony with my supra-conscious Universe.

The supra-conscious universal mind is One Version of all Consciousness.

In absolute reality there is only one Mind.

In relative dual reality, my perspective of the world is relative to the conscious-awareness of my ego Self.

I can be single-minded, I can be in two minds or I can be of One Mind that is the perspective of my Soul.

Being Pig-Headed

Being Pig-Headed is being single-minded.

A single-minded person is ego driven.

My ego is driven by my sub-conscious programming.

My beliefs have become convictions and my mind is made up.

A pig has a single-minded task of finding enough food to survive.

A single-minded person is programmed to survive.

When I am pig-headed, I am disconnected from my higher mind.

My single mind is my sub-conscious mind that operates on automatic-pilot.

I am not conscious of being allowed to make my own choices.

When my mind is made up, I am unable to consciously make up my own mind.

I am unaware of my higher guidance system.

I am not listening to other people and I am not hearing my messages.

I am of one mind but I am not of One Mind.

Three Stages Of Coaching

There are Three Stages of Coaching required to attain an effortless life.

Stage One requires a Mentor.

A Mentor’s role is to guide and support the client to become problem-free.

Stage Two requires a Therapist.

A Therapist’s role is to clarify the client’s challenges.

My challenges are my own unique set of fears, limiting beliefs & emotional needs.

Once I have challenged all my limiting beliefs and met all my emotional needs, I become pain-free and I become fear-free.

Stage Three requires a Tutor.

A Tutor’s role is to clarify the student’s opportunities.

Pain, fear & problems are all challenges to be overcome before my opportunities can be seen clearly.

Before I can clearly see the direction of my opportunity, I am required to hear my messages.

A Tutor hears the messages that align the client with their effortless path in life.

A Tutor

A Tutor is a level three coach.

A Personal Tutor never teaches.

A personal tutor facilitates the learning of their student.

A tutor asks the questions that reconnect the student to their own answers.

A teacher answers questions whereas, a tutor asks the questions.

A pupil requires the answers from their teacher.

A student requires the questions from their tutor.

When the tutor asks the right question, the student already has the right answer.

A teacher works with rational knowledge.

A tutor works with intuitive knowing.

A tutor requires both rational & emotional intelligence.

It is my spiritual intelligence that connects me to my Inner Tutor.

It is spiritual intelligence that allows the tutor to connect their student to their own Inner Coach and intuitive guidance system.