The Physical Plane

The Physical Plane is the Realm of Physical Science, where physical laws govern physical existence.

It is where Spiritual Beings incarnate for the purpose of spiritual development & growth.

It is the physical dimension of Spirit.

It is where Spiritual Beings experience a physical experience called being physical.

There is no such thing as a purely physical being.

Being physical is a state of being that is a mental & an emotional experience.

The Planet Earth is a physical realm on which Spiritual Beings experience a physical reality of their own creation.

It is a particularly useful place to experience growth because in the physical plane thinking, unlike pure thought, is not instantly creative.

The physical plane is a creation of long held beliefs, convictions & experiences of several billion individual creative consciences that are limited only by their lack of creative power.

A consciousness that is disconnected from its Source of Spiritual Creative Power creates an experience of being a creation that is disconnected from its Spiritual Creator.

The Etheric Plane

The Etheric or Ethereal Plane is the emotional dimension of Spirit.

It is the dimension of awareness as an emotional feeling.

It has a duality of emotion & feeling.

It is the plane on which all emotions are felt & experienced.

The Solar Plexus or Emotional Brain is the gateway to the etheric plane.

Etheric or ether is the magnitude of emotional energy of Consciousness.

The etheric plane consists of the full spectrum of wavelengths of emotion that make up the vibration of Pure Love.

An Ethereal Traveller is called a Sensitive or a Clairsentient Being.

The ether, once known to science as the energy of space, now has no significance in a rational scientific philosophy of physical reality.

The etheric plane is the channel through which empowered states of being are connected to Source and through which empowered Beings feel their connection to the power of their Source Energy.

The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is the mental dimension of Spirit.

It is the dimension of Consciousness as mental thought.

It has a duality of thought & thinking; physical consciousness & spiritual awareness.

It is the plane on which all knowledge is accessible as an individual consciousness or as an intuitive awareness.

It is the medium through which minds are read and information is channelled.

It is the place to which prayers are sent and from whence requests are answered.

It is the mythical home of the Principalities or Darkness and the Angels of Light.

Travelling in the astral plane is by the Astral Projection of the mind.

It is where the sub-conscious & super-conscious mind are either in opposition or in alignment, with the individual conscious mind.


Heaven is a state of Being created by a perspective of the Mind.

When heaven is a duality of earth, I am stuck in a duality of male & female gender.

When heaven is a duality of hell, I am stuck in a duality of positive & negative polarity.

When Heaven is an opportune experience on Earth, I can raise my  perspective in alignment with my vision.

Heaven is: Paradise, Shangri-la, Xanadu, Eldorado, Shambala or any other place name that describes my ideal experience in physical form.

I see the beauty of this wonderful planet Earth as I am able to experience my bliss in physical reality.

Overcoming the gender & polarity of an intensely divided perspective allows the vision of a reality with a potentially balanced experience.

A Heavenly experience encounters no problems, no pain, no fear, no tolerations & no resistance.

These are all experiences created by a lost, confused, frustrated & out of balance mind.

Heaven is my vision of my ideal experience of my life on Earth.


Ascension is a process of the Mind.

The mind proceeds to descend into a lower level of consciousness for the purpose of raising its level of awareness.

To access a higher level of awareness requires the experience of a lower level of consciousness.

The physical Earth is a contextual field that allows a low & restricted level of consciousness and, in many cases, a total lack of awareness.

Ascension is the process of raising awareness to a higher level of consciousness.

It is a journey through levels of consciousness, or relative levels of unconsciousness, that allow relative dimensions of reality.

In a singularity there is no awareness of reality because Consciousness is not aware of its Self. It has no Self to be aware of.

A duality allows the awareness of consciousness.

Consciousness & awareness become a duality in a relative world, with an opportunity to ascend to a state of being consciously-aware or attaining a conscious-awareness of a triune reality.

The Holy Trinity of the Light of the Father & the Love of the Holy Spirit allows the Life of the Son on Earth.

The authority of mental Light with the power of emotional Love allow the ability of physical Life to be lived as Heaven on Earth.

We just have to ascend to a level of awareness where this is our own reality & our personal experience.

A Fourth Choice

in a dual reality there are always three choices.

There are two opposing energies and a balance of the two.

In a triune reality there are always four choices.

There are three choices and the choice of acceptance.

The choice of acceptance sees whatver turns up as a gift or an opportunity.

I don’t need to choose an opportunity, I just accept it and I take it.

A dual reality allows the choice to seek the third way.

A triune reality allows the acceptance of a third way with unconditional approval.

It is with intuitive knowing that every opportunity in life is for-given.

It is given by the Soul for its Self.

It is choosing the balance without seeking the balance.

On balance, my Soul always sends my Self opportunities that are a gift and they are very acceptable.

A Third Choice

Duality allows choice.

A Singularity is a singular reality that has no choice of reality.

It is a singular unchanging reality.

Duality allows the experience of a changing reality.

A changing reality allows effortless expansive growth.

It also allows resistance & contraction.

Resistance is part of the contract.

Choice allows me to resist making a choice or choosing a path of least or most resistance.

I can go forward, go backward or stand still.

I can expand, contract or be in limbo.

I can choose this or that or neither.

I can choose here or there or somewhere inbetween.

I can choose now or then or sometime never.

I can choose now here, nowhere or where now?

There is always a third choice out of a duality.

The third choice is how I overcome the extremes of a dual reality experience.