Tired, Exhausted, Desperate.

With enough emotional energy, I am never tired.

Being Tired is the experience of low emotional energy.

As I deplete my emotional energy, I get tired.

I get tired of pushing in the wrong direction.

Physical exertion is an antidote to tiredness when it meets an emotional need.

Sleep is designed to naturally replenish emotional energy.

Physical exhaustion occurs when muscles run out of fuel.

Muscles recover from exhaustion as and when adequate blood supply is restored.

Mental exhaustion accompanies emotional exhaustion.

I am Exhausted when my emotional energy is exhausted & I switch off mentally and go to sleep.

I am Desperate when my mental exhaustion stops me from seeing any way of replenishing my emotional energy.

When I wake up with no emotional energy, life looks extremely desperate and I have reached the depths of my despair.

Despair is one extremely negative experience of life in a relative dual reality world.

Emotional Intensity

Emotional Intensity is caused by the attraction of opposites.

Opposing genders of emotional energy attract when they have a similar polarity.

The more similar the polarity and the more opposing the gender, the greater the intensity of attraction.

Energy that is divided by male or female gender loses its creative potential in favour of an emotional intensity.

Male energy attracts female energy of the same wavelength because it is like energy.

Positive energy attracts positive energy & negative energy attracts negative energy because they are like frequencies.

Divided & opposing genders of an energy vibration can manifest with either a positive or a negative intensity.

They can cause intensely positive or intensely negative emotional experiences.

Emotional energy has a range of intensity that is experienced as low, medium or high.




Touch & Feel

Touch & Feel are one of five ways that I sense my physical world.

I objectively touch an object that I choose to physically feel.

Touching & feeling are one of my five physical senses.

Touch & Feel are not just a physical sense.

I can subjectively feel wavelengths of emotion.

I can be subjectively touched emotionally.

Feeling & being touched are an intuitive sense as well as a physical sense.

I can touch someone sensitively by who I am being emotionally.

I can feel someone emotionally when I am sensitive to whom they are being.

I touch someone emotionally with my emotional state of being.

I feel someone emotionally with my awareness & my sensitivity.

I feel & I am touched intuitively as distinct from touching & physically feeling an experience of life.

Wrath & Anger

Wrath is the power of the will.

My will power is my wrath.

My lack of will power is my meekness.

Wrath is the male energy that opposes my female energy of meekness.

Meekness meekly follows the will power of another.

My will power is authorised by my sub-conscious id.

When my divine power is divided by gender, I will need will power to meet my ego’s desires.

My disconnection will default me to either wrath or meekness and either anger or patience.

Anger is an emotional reaction to not getting what I need.

Anger is without the patience to conform to another person’s wrath.

Anger is the male energy that opposes my female energy of patience.

I get angry when others defy my will, oppose the authority of my ego and deny me whatever I desire.

Shut or Closed

As I move through a door, I close it behind me.

Closing a door completes a past that I have no reason to revisit.

I close a door on a past experience and move forward with completion.

As I close one door another door opens.

Closing a door allows my path to unfold.

Shutting a door disallows my path unfolding and bars my way.

A shut door blocks my path.

When my path is blocked, I am proceeding in the opposite direction to my path.

My path is never blocked, unless I am blocking my own path by shutting the door to an opportunity.

All doors open to an opportunity.

Whether a door is shut or closed is just a matter of personal perspective.

Pick, Opt or Choose

I Pick a random selection.

A random selection has no distinction.

A lucky dip is a either a lucky pick or an unlucky pick.

I pick at the options and desperately hope to find one with distinction.

I Opt from a range of options.

Different options allow me to opt for my favourite preference.

I prefer the option that I believe is best for me.

The more options that I have, the harder it is to rate them and the harder it is to opt for just one.

I Choose an inspired choice.

An inspired choice always feels right.

My choice is enlightened & empowered when I am inspired to choose it.

I always have a choice.

I can sub-consciously pick, I can consciously opt or I can super-consciously choose.

Idle, Lazy, Slothful

Idle is a period of inactivity.

I am idle waiting for my next task.

I am idle when I am not moving, inactive or not doing.

Lazy is the state of applying no effort.

I am lazy when I am applying no effort to a required task.

I am only lazy when confronted with someone else’s need to achieve.

I am needing motivation to be busily employed in achieving someone else’s objective.

Slothful is the state of being disempowered.

Lazy is a lack of motivation, slothful is a lack of purpose that is disempowering.

Slothful is being off track because I am not following my own inspired path.

When inspired & empowered, I am never slothful.

Idle is waiting for direction, lazy is not applying will power and needing motivation, slothful is being disempowered because I am uninspired by someone else’s direction.