The Solar Plexus

My Solar Plexus is my feeling centre.

It translates as the place of the sun.

It is my emotional brain.

The solar plexus does not appear on any anatomy charts.

It is not a physical organ.

Neither is it an energy chakra.

It is the source of my gut instinct.

It is my intuitive feeling centre.

It is the spiritual centre where my intuitive feeling is processed.

It is where I feel the love that my Soul has for its Self.

It is where my Self receives the pure feeling that emanates from my Soul.

It is my own source of inner feeling.

It is my Love Processor.

Extra Sensory Perception

Extra Sensory Perception or ESP is how a spiritually unawakened Being sees instinct & intuition.

ESP is seen as a sixth sense or an extra sense.

It is a collective word for instinct and the three intuitive senses of seeing, feeling & knowing.

Knowing is a thought frequency transmitted by my spiritual Self to my physical ego Self.

My spiritual Soul communicates with my physical ego Self with a thought frequency of intuitive knowing.

My physical mind has the capacity to receive intuitive revelatory thoughts of knowing, when I allow them.

My Soul’s communication with its Self is always delivered on a wavelength of pure intuitive feeling.

Every frequency of thought is transmitted on a wavelength of emotion, you see.

Intuitive feeling (sometimes called gut instinct) is received by the emotional brain in the feeling centre of my solar plexus.

When my mind & my solar plexus are aligned, my heart is open to intuitively see the source of my inspired perception.

I can perceive an extra sense, I can sense a new perspective & I can see with ESP.

Sentient Beings

Sentient Beings sense both physical vibrations of matter and spiritual vibrations of energy.

They see, touch, taste, smell & hear the energetic vibrations of physical matter as their physical reality.

They also feel, see & know the energetic vibrations of spiritual energy as their instinct & intuition.

Instinct & intuition is how spirit becomes a reality to a Sentient Being.

A Sentient Being is both the energetic Creator & the material creation.

It has both physical consciousness & spiritual awareness.

Conscious-awareness is the ability to receive energy vibrations in 5 physical ways & 3 spiritual ways.

It is also the ability to transmit Thought & Feeling as distinct from emoting & thinking our beliefs & emotions.

Thought & Feeling are intuitively super-conscious communications, whereas thinking, talking & emoting are physical ways of communicating with my self & other people.

Spiritual Senses

Spiritual Senses are intuitive.

All Sentient Beings have an intuitive awareness of spirit, even when they may not be conscious of it.

Unawakened Human Beings use only their conscious physical senses.

Awakening to spirit means opening to an awareness of one’s intuitive spiritual senses.

Thought vibrations that are sensed & received are called an intuitive knowing.

Thinking frequencies that are transmitted are called physical knowledge or knowledge of the physical.

Physical knowledge is learned through the experience of the five physical senses.

Emotional vibrations that are sensed & received are called intuitive feeling.

Emotions are transmitted or emitted as wavelengths of emotional feeling.

Emotional feeling can be confusing and seen as irrational by an unemotional & unawakened physical Being.

With intuitive knowing and intuitive feeling a sentient Being attains spiritual insight or inner vision that allows the ability to spiritually & intuitively see from a higher perspective.

Physical Senses

All Sentient Beings have the ability to sense both physically & spiritually.

Human Beings are conscious of their physical senses.

Physical senses are how sentient Beings sense & experience their physical reality.

It is our physical senses that make our reality a physical experience.

The vibration of the light cones in the retina of the human eye is translated by the brain into a picture of visible coloured light.

The vibration of the ‘anvil’ in the inner ear is a sound that is heard in our brain.

Why visible light travels as a ray of particles called photons and audible sound travels as a wave called a sound wave is still a mystery to modern science.

The vibration of molecules is received as a frequency called smell that is sensed in our nostrils, whilst a frequency called taste is sensed by the taste buds on our tongue.

The energetic vibration of atoms is sensed as a physical feeling of touch by receptors on our skin; whether those atoms are formed into solids, liquids or gases is determined by the temperature of the physical vibration of each particular atom.

Our physical senses all have one thing in common: What they are physically sensing in every scenario is a particular energetic vibration of matter in motion.

Energetic Energy & Matter

Whether Energy is energetic or material is dependent on its vibrational frequency & wavelength.

The Vibration of Consciousness is an energy with a frequency of thought & a wavelength of emotion.

Consciousness is an energetic or spiritual Beingness.

The physical Beingness of Consciousness is a creature or a creation called a Human Being.

A creature is a creation of a creator.

Matter is a creation of the energy of a Creator Being creative.

A dual reality world allows the creation to be separate from its creator, so that the creator can experience the creation and the creation can experience its creator.

A Physical Being, the creation, experiences the vibrational energy of matter as a physical experience through its physical senses.

A Spiritual Being, the creator, experiences the vibrational energy of spirit as a spiritual experience with its intuitive senses.

Physical senses sense material vibrations that have a long wavelength and a low frequency that are called sound, taste, touch, smell & sight.

Spiritual senses sense intuitive vibrations that have a very short wavelength and a very high frequency that are called knowing, feeling & seeing.

Physical consciousness is just a limited range of Spiritual Consciousness.

Specific Reality

Human Beings are vibrational energy receivers & transmitters.

The specific variations of frequencies & wavelengths of energy that exist within a specific space-time allow the experience of a specific reality.

As spaceship Earth continuously travels through space & time, reality is experienced in every moment of now.

As time is continuously flowing through space, reality appears to flow contiguously with time.

Vibrational energy is continuously received & transmitted in each moment of time realising each now of reality as a physical, mental & emotional experience.

As the human entity travels through space-time, it transmits & receives energy vibrations that create an individual experience of reality.

The whole spectrum of energy vibrations are potentially available to explore & receive or experience & transmit.

The entire Light energy spectrum extends from thought waves at one extreme to sound waves at the other.

Specifically, we each individually & collectively specify our reality with the particular energy that we transmit & receive as thoughts, words & deeds.