Frequency is the speed of an energy wave.

Thought is an energy wave of consciousness in motion.

The speed of thought is the speed of light.

Physical reality is Consciousness experiencing its own thought forms.

The frequency or speed of an energy wave determines its force.

The force of a thought wave determines its authority.

An authoritative force has creative ability, it is authorised to be creative.

An unauthorised force can have inability or destructive disability.

Frequency may be divided by polarity, which allows opposing directions of force.

It allows creative force to be authorised and unauthorised force to be destructive.

Unauthorised force causes, resistance, entropy & inertia with varying degrees of intensity.

Resistance causes heat: High resistance causes intense heat.

Heat has the ability to turn solids into liquids, liquids into gases, gases into plasma or reform completely as energy in motion with absolute frequency.

Whereas thought has the potential to be creative, heat has the intensity to be destructive, from a physical perspective of reality.


Vibration is a rate or a level of energy.

All matter is energy in motion.

The level of vibration determines the form that energy takes as matter.

As the motion or vibration of energy decreases, it materialises as matter.

At a low vibrational rate energy becomes matter.

Gas has a higher rate of vibration than liquids.

Liquids have a higher vibration than solids.

We rate matter as a solid, liquid or a gas according to its level of vibration.

The lower the rate of vibration the less its energy is apparent and the colder matter appears to be.

At absolute zero there is no apparent vibration.

However this is a theoretical infinity that is physically unattainable because energy or matter without motion is not actually possible.

All vibrations of energy are the product of their frequency & wavelength of motion.

Spin, Orbit, Rotation

Planets & Stars spin around their axis.

Planets orbit their Sun.

The Solar System rotates on its axis of spin on its orbital journey of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Galaxies rotate around their directional axis on their orbital journey through the universe.

Electrons spin around their axis & orbit their atomic nucleus.

Atoms rotate on their journey through material form.

Spin, orbit & rotation is common to all energy & matter in motion.

The motion of the energy of matter is relative to its frequency of spin, its wavelength of orbit & its vibrational rotation.

A Galaxy

A Galaxy is a collection of solar systems.

Each solar system is a physical energetic form.

Each system is physically formed from the sun at its centre.

Like energy unto itself is drawn.

Like solar systems are drawn together to form a galaxy.

Galaxies rotate around a black hole at their centre.

A black hole is the gateway between the realms of matter & the realms of pure energy.

It is a portal between the realms of spirit & the worlds of matter.

It is the heart of the galaxy, the nucleus from which all matter is formed and all matter eventually returns.

It is the energy of the black hole that keeps the matter of the galaxy in motion.

Solar systems of a similar wavelength gravitate in the same galaxy, whilst their magnetic frequencies keep them apart.

Thus separate solar systems travel separately together in the same galaxy.

A Solar System

A Solar System is a particular form of material reality manifest from & within the energetic universe.

The heart or centre of a solar system is a sun.

The Sun is the Soul of the solar system.

The Sun emits a frequency of Light on a wavelength of Love.

The frequency & wavelength of the sun’s vibration determines the matter of Life in that solar system.

Energetic Love & Energetic Light allow Energetic Life to be experienced in a physical realm of Body, Mind & Emotion.

A physical human body sees physical light or dark and feels physical warmth or cold.

A spiritual mind knows mental light, feels emotional love & sees physical life from an intuitive perspective.

A solar system is in continuous motion over a matter of time through the energy of space.

Our planet Earth spins, orbits the sun, rotates around the sun’s axis and revolves with the solar system as it circulates the galaxy.

Spin, orbit, rotation, revolution & circulation are the 5 galactic dimensions through which the planet earth is travelling.

Energy, matter & motion allows a time-space-reality of love, light & life.

The Sun is a matter of energy in motion that emanates light & love to form life within its solar system.

The Physical Realm

The Physical Realm is part of an energetic universe.

The majority of the universe is energetic Space.

Energetic space is a pure wavelength of energy with absolute gravity.

A pure frequency of universal energy is called Time.

Universal Space-Time allows a universal reality to exist.

Reality is relative to its time & space within the universe.

The physical realm is a physical manifestation of universal space-time.

Spiritual reality is a matter of continuous experience in eternal time & infinite space.

Relative space-time allows a physical reality to be a definite experience.

The physical realm allows a definite experience of space-time-reality.

Thought energy becomes a thought form and manifests as a physical experience.

Pockets of physicality in an energetic universe are called Galaxies with stars or solar systems with planets that allow the physical realm to exist.

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy is a triality of body, mind & emotion.

Spirit is an energy that has a physical vibration, a mental frequency & an emotional wavelength.

Spirituality is the reality of a spiritual frequency, wavelength & vibration of energy in a physical, mental & emotional state of being.

A Spiritual Being is a  vibration of energy.

A Physical being is an energy vibration that has materialised into a physical, mental & emotional reality.

All of physical reality is formed from energy that is manifested into physical form.

Physical reality allows mental consciousness the ability to experience itself emotionally.

Mental thought energy & emotional feeling allow a physical being to experience Life.

A physical body requires a physical realm in which to experience the emotion of its thoughts.

All Physical Beings originate from the Spiritual Energy of Mental Thought & Emotional Feelings.