Universal Truth

Universal Truth is the one version of what is true.

It is a universal truth that all individuals have their own truth.

We all have our own Individual life path.

We all have our own vision, mission & purpose in life.

We all have our own choice.

A universal truth is true for everyone.

It overcomes the duality of truth & untruth.

I can only experience a universal truth when I intuitively see it to be true.

It is then both a universal truth and a personal truth.

Truth & untruth is a duality.

Universal truth is a metaphysical perspective.

Science proves physical experience to be true or untrue.

Metascience sees the bigger picture of reality that is a universal truth.

It is the Soul’s sole perspective of Life.

Universal Reality

If Reality were Universal, there would be no conflict, disagreement or arguement about what is true or untrue, real or unreal.

The fact that everyone disagrees about the truth of reality is because there is no universal reality.

The Universe is Real.

It really exists as a contextual field for thought to form as a reality.

The universal reality is that all possible realities exist.

Whatever I can imagine, I can bring into the reality of my own experience.

All possible realities can be realised and experienced as real.

The real universe is there to allow reality to be experienced personally, uniquely, individually & exclusively.

It also allows reality to be experienced collectively, inclusively, nationally, ethnically, religiously and summarily.

The only universal truth is that whatever we think to be real, becomes real because we are all a figment or creation of our own imagination.

Personal Reality

Personal Reality is based on personal truth.

Personal truth is based on personal experience.

When personal experience is based on a reality that is created by other people, there appears to be just one truth; the truth of other people.

Because other people cannot agree on what is true, they appoint specialist scientists, judges & investigators to decide what is true of untrue for everyone.

The belief in one universal reality disallows the belief in personal reality.

When reality is believed to be a universal truth, this becomes everybody’s personal reality.

In this scenario, everyone stops believing that they are the cause of their own personal reality.

Their personal reality becomes one of being a victim of other people’s reality.

We are all the victim of what we do not believe that we have created.

My reality is personal to me whether I believe it to be or not.

Absolute Reality

Absolute Reality is an oxymoron.

An absolute state of being is not real.

An absolute state of being has no state of being and therefore has no reality.

The singularity of nothingness is without something or anything.

Nothingness is the absence of reality.

Relative duality allows a reality to be real and to be realised.

It allows Consciousness to become conscious of its Self.

In absolute reality, Consciousness is not aware of its consciousness.

Reality allows Consciousness to consciously explore, experience & discover its Self.

In absolute reality there is just Oneness with everything.

Pure energy has no distinction unless it has a distinct vibration.

A distinct vibration of energy is relative to its frequency & wavelength.

In absolute reality there is no motion or matter, just energy.

Absolute Truth

Absolute Truth requires an absolute reality.

An absolute reality is unchanging.

An unchanging reality disallows choice and disallows growth.

An absolute reality is a Singularity.

A relative reality is a Duality.

A personal reality is a Triality.

A personal reality allows a third choice to overcome the perspective of relative dual reality.

A third choice overcomes the opposition & conflict of a dual reality perspective.

It overcomes the duality of truth or untruth.

In a triune reality, truth is relative to the person who is experiencing it.

Nothing is real other than the reality that is being personally experienced by each Individual.

The absolute truth is that nothing is true, nothing is real and everything is potentially true & potentially real.

Relative Truth

Relative Truth is relative to the beliefs of the believer.

In a relative dual reality, whatever a believer believes to be real is believed to be true.

Truth & reality become a singularity, the same thing.

Whatever is true is real and whatever is real is true.

People seek the truth of their reality rather than the reality of their truth.

The reality is that everyone’s reality is true for them.

The pursuit of Science is scientific truth, the science or truth of what is real.

The pursuit of Religion is religious truth, the theology of spiritual truth.

In a dual reality, science & religion have opposing perspectives of reality & truth.

Their opposition is based on the belief that there can only be one truth that is true for everyone.

In an absolute reality there is one universal truth for everyone.

In a relative dual reality, truth is relative to the beliefs of each individual believer, whether scientific, religious or atheist.

There are as many potential truths as there are thinkers or believers.


Truth is the perspective of my Soul.

At the Soul level there is unity & oneness.

There is only one perspective, which is the absolute truth.

There is no distinction between my Soul & your Soul.

The Soul exists in the Realm of the Absolute.

An Individual Ego Self lives in the realm of the relative.

Each individual ego has its own choice of perspective.

Choice allows duality.

Duality allows two perspectives to be relative to each other.

In relative duality, I have a choice of truth or untruth.

Truth becomes relative to fear & false beliefs that are untrue.

Thought becomes relative to personal thinking.

Oneness becomes relative to choice.

Choice becomes relative to truth & untruth.