Envy, Jealousy, Outrage

Envy is a desire for something that another person has and I do not.

I envy someone’s assets, achievements, accomplishments or attainments.

It can be seen as a motivating force to envy what is wanted or desired.

Envy is the desire to follow someone else’s path by having what they have.

Jealousy is a passion for what someone else has and I do not.

A jealous passion is driven by an emotional need.

I have a passion for what I need and they can give to me emotionally.

I am jealous of someone whose needs are being met whilst mine are not.

Jealousy is intense emotional envy.

Outrage is intense jealousy.

I am outraged when someone else is continually getting what I emotionally need.

Outrage is my intense reaction to someone else getting what I need emotionally or someone else depriving me of what I passionately need.


Selectivity is selective activity.

It is an activity that I have selected or chosen.

It is also the activity of choosing as well as the activity of choice.

Relative duality allows selectivity & choice.

My Soul’s choice is always available for selection by my Self.

It allows me to either choose or select the activity of my choice.

Not selecting an activity is also a choice.

Non-selectivity is refusing all available options for activity.

I actively choose to be selective.

Selecting a choice for my Self is an activity.

When I actively choose my choice for my Self, I am having a selective experience.

My active ability to choose is my selectivity.

My Soul has choice, my Self has selectivity.


Resistivity is resistive activity.

What I actively resist disempowers me.

False beliefs & fears cause my resistive activity and disempower me.

They disallow the natural flow of life and cause resistance.

My resistivity is relative to my fears and limiting beliefs.

Resistivity is being busy finding reasons not to do things.

It is getting people to do it my way by trying to stop them doing it their way.

My personal development allows me to desist from my resistivity.

With the presence of a clear vision for the direction of my life there is no need for resistivity.

It is being lost, confused & frustrated that is the cause of my resistivity.

My resistivity is a sub-conscious choice that is relative to the quality of my mental programming and my emotional power.


Reflectivity is reflective activity.

It is actively reflecting on what I have subjected my Self to.

Being a reflection to others is not reflectivity.

With reflectivity, I am the subject of the reflection, the one who is reflecting and not the object of someone else’s reflection.

Other people may be mirroring my reflection to allow my Self more beneficial reflectivity.

On reflection, I am usually reflecting on what other people have done to influence my Self.

Reflective activity is bringing my perspective into alignment with my highest vision for my Self.

By seeing a reflection in my Self or others of my misalignment, I am able to perceive my Self from a better perspective & in a new light.

From a new perspective, I am able to express a better reflection of who I really am.


Subjectivity is subjective activity.

It is activity that I subject my Self to.

My activity is my subjective behaviour.

It is my personal choice of activity.

Personal behaviour always follows personal belief.

My beliefs drive my behaviour and influence my choice of activity.

I am the subject of the activity that I subject my Self to.

Subjectivity is the state of having things to do.

Having things to do is not the same as having to do things.

Having to do things is a toleration.

Having things to do allows me to express who I am being.

I express my Beingness through my subjective activity.

Subjectivity allows me to be me.


Receptivity is the state of being actively receptive.

Being actively receptive to life is being accepting.

Being actively accepting of all opportunities in life requires receptivity.

With receptivity, I am in gratitude & appreciation of whatever I am receiving.

I am receiving life with open arms and an open mind.

My mind is open to every opportunity that is potentially being presented.

I am receptive to my messages and the signs that direct me along my path.

I am receiving my inspired revelations that allow my daily activity to effortlessly flow.

I am being receptive to my exclusive path of inner guidance.

I am receiving & hearing my Soul’s transmission.

My reception is loud and my direction is clear.


Frivolity is frivolous activity.

It is emotional activity that is seen as irrational & without logic.

A rational view of frivolity sees it as a folly that is without levity or gravitas.

An emotional perception of frivolity sees it as a source of fun & amusement.

Frivolity is without serious intention.

It is light-hearted activity.

Activity with a light heart is inspired & empowered.

New born lambs gambol with innocence & frivolity.

I can be innocent of frivolity, guilty of frivolity or innocent with frivolity.

Frivolity without judgment is a pure activity.

It is the pure enjoyment of flowing effortlessly with life’s intuitive connection.