Connected or Attached

I Connect to my true source of emotional power.

I Attach my Self to what I need emotionally.

I connect to my inner guidance system.

I attach myself to an external authority for direction.

I connect to my Soul with my spirituality.

I attach myself to god through a religion.

When I need god, I have a religious attachment.

When I am my Soul, I have a spiritual connection.

I connect with God through my Soul.

I am attached to my soul through god.

My connection with spirit is a communion.

An attachment to spirit is a church.

A church is a collection of people attached to one religious view.

A spiritual connection is a personal communication with one’s higher Self.

When I love my Soul as my Self, I have a religious attachment.

When I love my Self as my Soul, I have a divine connection.


Apathy is negative male energy.

It is the control drama of the aloof.

It is the insensitive disconnection from other people emotionally.

My disconnection from my own source of emotional power allows me to unattach from other people emotionally.

A rational mind may see emotion as irrational.

Apathy is the disconnection from the irrational experience of other people’s dramas.

The more introvert my personality the less I need other people to meet my emotional needs for me.

The less we need other people emotionally, the greater our emotional apathy can become.

With apathy, no emotional intelligence is required.

Life is a purely rational experience devoid of any emotional logic.

In my emotional disconnection from other people, I am also disconnected from my own emotional power source, so I will need to meet my own emotional needs or control other people emotionally by being aloof.


Sympathy is negative female energy.

I resonate in sympathy with another’s negative emotional energy.

I have compassion with another’s positive opportunities.

I have sympathy with another’s negative problems.

The greatest fear and the biggest problem in life is believed to be death.

Death can be a great problem to the descendents of the deceased.

We are taught to have great sympathy for those who are bereaved and have lost a loved one.

Our loved ones are the ones we need, depend on & are attached to for the emotional energy that we receive from them.

In grief & mourning, we are bereft of their source of emotional energy.

We resonate in sympathy when we feel & share their emotional loss.

Sympathy is our way of showing that we care because when we care for others, they care for us.


Empathy is a positive male energy.

I empathically know my Soul’s path for its Self.

With empathy, I am inspired to share my path with another.

In empathy with another, we share our life path together.

We share our path for the purpose of mutual learning.

Both the Teacher & the Student require empathy to share their learning experience together.

There is no empathy between a Master & a Slave.

I have empathy with my Soul Mate.

A Soul Mate is one who shares a similar spiritual path for the purpose of higher learning.

At the Soul level, it is not possible to have empathy without compassion.

It is not possible to share my experience without the mutual empowerment of compassion and it is not possible to share my path without the mutual enlightenment of empathy.


Passion is positive female energy.

I express my positive female energy with a passion.

Compassion is sharing positive female energy.

Positive female energy is a harmonious emotion.

Positive male energy is a congruent thought.

Congruent thought allows empathy.

An harmonious state of being allows compassion.

When I share an harmonious state of being, I am in harmony and I attain compassion.

Compassion is the gateway to sharing enjoyment.

It is sharing the positive opportunities that are appearing in life.

It requires a personal connection to source.

Compassion is my Self sharing a life experience with my Soul.

It is a mutual feeling of Love.

Empathy is my Self sharing my life path with my Soul.


Sensitivity is being consciously-aware of where other people are emotionally, mentally & physically.

It is being aware of where other people are from a spiritual perspective.

It is perceiving the essence of another.

It is knowing who they are, where they are and what they are experiencing.

A Sensitive has an intuitive insight into what is occurring on the path of another.

Being sensitive to another’s path requires detachment from their path.

A strong attachment to my own path disallows my sensitivity to another’s path.

Insentitive people are lost within the dramas of their own path and choose to disconnect from other people’s issues.

Insensitivity leads to apathy.

Attachments lead to sympathy.

Detachment allows empathy.

Sensitivity allows compassion.

It is a positive female attribute that attracts a positive male attribute of detachment.

Conscious & Aware

I am a Spiritual Being living a physical existence.

I am conscious of my physical experience.

I am aware of my spiritual origins.

My physical existence is also a mental & an emotional experience.

A spiritual experience has a mental, an emotional & a physical aspect.

My mental consciousness & my emotional awareness allow a conscious-awareness of my physical experience.

I am conscious of my physical id & I am aware of my spiritual entity.

I am consciously-aware of my id-entity.

I am conscious of the cause of my life & I am aware of the effect of my life.

I am conscious of my thoughts & I am aware of the emotion on which I transmit them.

I have attained conscious-awareness.