Emotionality is emotional reality.

It is the reality of an emotional experience.

I experience the reality of my own emotional state of being.

My emotions are real.

They are the real effect of my thoughts & my thinking.

Emotionality is directly relative to mentality in a physical reality.

As I change my mental thinking, I change my emotional feelings about what is physically occurring.

Unemotionality is an unemotional reality.

I can express my emotions or I can suppress my emotions.

When I suppress my emotions or deny my emotions, I am able to focus on a purely rational physical world.

When I embrace my emotions, I add a whole range of colour to a very black & white world.

Spiritual Beingness

Spiritual Beingness is a triune reality of being mental, physical & emotional.

My Spirituality is a combination of my mentality, my emotionality & my physicality.

A mental being expresses rational male energy.

An emotional being expresses sensitive female energy.

A spiritual being is able to express rational & emotional intelligence as a physical human being.

Spiritual beingness expresses physical consciousness with emotional awareness.

I can be a rational human being exploring a physical reality as a scientist.

I can be an emotional human being exploring a spiritual reality as a minister.

I can be an emotionally rational human being exploring my own physical reality as a spiritual being.

Being spiritual is not an action or a behaviour or a role that I play but a state of being that attains conscious-awareness of who I am.

It is Consciousness being conscious of its mentality, aware of its emotionality and consciously-aware of its physical reality in a state of Spiritual Beingness.


Beingness is the essence of who I am.

I am a physical Being when I am being physical.

I am a spiritual Being when I am being spiritual.

Being emotional is the gateway between physical & spiritual Beingness.

The first state of Beingness is mental.

Without the mind, there is no awareness of Being.

The second state of Beingness is physical.

The mind becomes physically conscious of being in a body and becomes conscious of its physical body.

The third state of Beingness is emotional.

The mental mind and the physical body develop emotional feelings.

This allows a gateway to open to the fourth state of Beingness which is Spiritual.

Life is the journey of a Spiritual Being exploring, discovering & experiencing its spiritual beingness.

Inner Peace

Inner Peace is a state of being mentally & emotionally balanced.

Balancing the yin & yang of my energy vibration is the pathway to inner peace.

Inner peace is the gateway to a peaceful experience of physical life.

My inner vibration directly affects my outer reality.

Physical experiences come into balance as I attain my own inner peace.

With inner peace, male & female genders of emotion are peacefully united.

The final battle between good & evil is declared to be over.

Frequencies of thought energy become neutralised as they are no longer divided by polarity.

Wavelengths of emotional feeling become harmonised as their gender is no longer in opposition.

With inner peace, the vibration of my consciousness has a congruent frequency & wavelength.

My Self is at peace with its Self.

I attain the inner peace that is the natural state of my Soul.

I express the Inner Beingness of my Soul at Peace.

Vibrational Imbalance

Vibrational Imbalance allows conscious choice.

It allows a choice of direction and a choice of clarity in every present moment.

I can choose to be positively direct or negatively lost.

I can choose to be negatively confused or positively clear.

I can choose a male rational perspective or a female emotional perception.

I can choose to think with my head or feel with my heart.

I can choose to instinctively know or I can intuitively feel a clear direction for my present path.

Emotional intelligence always seeks balance.

Rational intelligence sees no imbalance.

A mental perspective that has no emotional perception sees no need for balance.

An emotional perception that has no mental perspective has no understanding and therefore no choice between balance or imbalance.

Vibrational Balance

Every vibration of Conscious Energy is a mental frequency of thought conveyed on an emotional wavelength of feeling.

A pure vibration of consciousness is both mentally & emotionally in balance.

An impure vibration of consciousness is divided in perspective by polarity.

The polarity or choice of direction allowed by duality causes a positive or a negative perspective.

It also causes a male or a female perception.

Dual reality existence allows a choice of male perspective, which is rational or female perception, which is emotional.

It allows a choice of positive female sensitive connection or negative male disconnected insensitivity.

It also allows a choice of negative female irrational over-sensitivity or a positive male rational detachment.

There are endless possibilities in a dual reality world that is divided by polarity & gender for my vibrational energy to become mentally & emotionally out of balance.

By learning to balance my mental & emotional energy, I can explore, discover & experience in physical reality who I really am.

Polarity Attraction

Whereas emotional wavelengths of energy are divided by gender, mental frequencies of thought are divided by polarity.

The frequency of my mental thinking can be either positive or negative.

My mental perspective has a choice of positive or negative polarity.

Like polarities of energy are attracted to like polarities of energy.

Positive thinking people are attractive to positive thinking people.

Negative thinking people attract negative thinking people.

Polarity, from a positive perspective, is a choice of direction.

We are attracted to others who think the same way as us, share similar beliefs, make congruent choices because they are going in our direction.

Polarity, from a negative perspective, is a judgment of good or bad, right or wrong.

We are attracted to those we believe are good & right because they think the same way as us with a similar system of beliefs, but we disagree strongly with those we believe to be bad, wrong or even evil.

Divinely inspired thoughts have no polarity, just a pure frequency of consciousness.