My Emotionality is my emotional reality.

My emotional reality is relative to the competence of my emotional power.

The magnitude of my emotional power is my level of competence to create my own reality.

Pure emotional energy has a high magnitude of power.

It is fully empowered because it is authorised.

Impure thinking causes negative emotional experiences.

Negative emotional experiences are perceived to be real.

They are the reality of an incompetent thinking process.

My mentality causes my emotionality and the reality of my emotional experiences.

A low level of emotional competence is experienced as a lack of self worth that is without the confidence of a high level of mental capacity.

My emotionality determines my perception of life and how good I feel about my experience of life.


My Mentality is my mental reality.

My mental reality is relative to the capacity of my authority.

My force of authority is my capacity to create my own mental reality.

My mentality determines the force of my authority and the capacity of my thought.

Pure thought has the highest force of authority.

It is fully authorised and therefore empowered.

Impure thinking has a low mental capacity.

This means it is less attractive & less creative.

My thoughts create my reality, therefore my mentality determines the level of my creativity.

A low mental capacity has no creative force because it is not authorised.

My mentality determines my perspective and how I perceive life to be.

Being Care-free

Being Care-free, I am unaffected by other people’s problems.

When I take care of other people, I take care of their problems.

When I care about other people, I care about solving their problems.

When I care for another, I sympathise with the problems that they have.

When I am care-free, I am problem-free.

When I am careful, I am careful to avoid problems.

When I couldn’t care less, I am insensitive to other people’s problems because I am too busy solving my own.

When I am careless, I attract problems.

I care less as I become problem free.

I care less when I don’t need other people to solve my problems.

When I no longer see whatever is occurring as a problem, I am care-free.

Careless & Care Less

Careless is a state of not being present.

When I am not focused on what I am presently doing, I am being careless.

I am taught to be careful to avoid accidents by people who believe that being careless causes accidents.

Care Less is a state of being aware of caring less.

I either care about my problems or I care about taking care of other people’s problems.

By having fewer problems, I have less to care about and I care less.

Only when I become problem-free can I become care-free.

I don’t need to care about opportunities, I just take them.

Opportunities take care of themselves.

Opportunities are never a problem and they never cause accidents.

When I care less about my problems, I care more for my opportunities.

When I focus on being care less, being careless never arises.

Being careless is never an accident.

Being Caring

Being Caring meets my need to be needed.

I care for other people by meeting their need to be cared for.

I care about other people by helping them solve their problems.

I take care of other people by solving their problems for them.

No one ever needs me to take care of their opportunities.

They are quite capable of doing that themselves.

People who are problem-free don’t need looking after.

Those who don’t need to care for others don’t need to be bothered by others.

Without physical or emotional needs, I don’t need the care of others.

Caring is the kindness of looking after our own kind in our own kind of way.

Needy people attract the kind of people who need to be needed.

People who need to be needed really care about getting their own emotional needs met.

Being Careful

Being Careful is a victim mentality.

I am careful to avoid accidents.

Accidents are a problem.

I am a victim of my belief that accidents happen.

I am taught to be careful to avoid accidents.

The more I focus on being careful, the more accidents I need to avoid.

Whatever I focus my attention on, I bring into my reality.

I will never become accident free by being careful.

Being careful makes me accident prone.

When I am no longer a victim of my beliefs , I no longer cause accidents and I no longer need to be careful.

There are no accidents, ever.

Everything happens on purpose, when I am being on purpose.

Driven or Drawn

I am Driven by my emotional needs.

I am Drawn to my true values.

I am Driven to promote.

I am Drawn to attract.

I am Driven & motivated.

I am Drawn & empowered.

I am Driven by my beliefs.

I am Drawn to my inspired thoughts.

I am Driven to achieve.

I am Drawn to succeed.

I am Driven by my riches.

I am Drawn to my wealth.

I drive solutions to my problems.

I draw opportunities to me.

I am driven by my fate.

I am drawn to my destiny.