My Perspective is my view of reality.

It is how I see life.

My conscious Self sees the reality of a physical world.

I am conscious of what my five physical senses are currently experiencing.

My sub-conscious mind sees the reality of a mental world.

My mind stores memories of my experiences sub-consciously as my physical/mental reality.

My mental world can become disconnected emotionally.

My conscious perspective becomes driven by my sub-conscious programming.

My sub-conscious perspective is that I am either needing emotional power or I have too much to handle.

Without emotional awareness, my conscious Self is dependent on my sub-conscious need for emotional power.

Without emotional power, I am disconnected from my super-conscious higher perspective of life.


Well-Being is the state of being well.

Being Well is the attainment of being healthy, wealthy & wise.

Without my health, my wealth & my wisdom; I will not feel well.

My awareness of how well I am connects me to my well -being.

My Soul’s knowing is the well-spring of my wisdom.

My Soul’s feeling is the source of my wealth.

My Soul’s vision is the pathway to my good health.

I am always healed on my path.

I walk my path with a clean pair of heels.

I feel my emotional wealth as my power.

I know my mental wisdom has my authority.

I see that my physical health allows my ability.

I am able to be healthy, I am empowered to be wealthy & I am authorised to be wise.


Happiness is a state of being.

Being Happy is the attainment of being content, fulfilled & joyful.

True Happiness comes from within.

It is fulfilling my Soul’s vision for my life.

It is feeling my Soul’s joy for my life.

It is knowing the abundance that exists in life.

it is seeing the purpose of my mission in life.

It is the contentment of allowing my Soul’s provision.

It is accepting my mandate that I have chosen for my Self.

It is approving the quality of the attributes that I have attained.

It is experiencing the True Values of my life that have true value for me.

It is my awareness of who I am & why I am here.

Overcoming the contentious duality of relative life allows the triality of being truly Happy to become my everyday experience.


Contentment is the feeling of knowing that I have enough of everything.

When there is nothing that I need or want, I am content.

When life has enough content, I attain contentment.

I cannot have too much or too little and be content.

I cannot be satisfied with my lot if there is not enough content..

With mental contentment, I am fulfilled.

With emotional contentment, I am joyful.

With physical contentment, I have abundance.

With an abundance of joy my content is fulfilled.

When I am fulfilled with abundance, I am content with my joy.

In a contentious world where we contend for emotional energy, contentment can be elusive.

I am the creator of my own content and my own contentment.


Fulfilment is the attainment of being fulfilled.

I attain fulfilment when I am following my unique path in life.

My Soul offers its Self an opportunity to attain fulfilment.

It is the experience of fulfilling one’s destiny.

Fulfilling my destiny is my purpose for being here in this life-time.

It is my ultimate attainment & my destiny.

Fulfilment is attained by fulfilling my part in the Soul’s Grand Plan.

My grand plan for this life-time is my mandate from my Soul.

Every Man has a date on Earth to attain fulfilment.

The time between birth & death allows the experience of an exclusive path on an individual journey & the fulfilment of a unique destiny.

Each individual personal Self has an exclusive path to fulfil on their unique journey.

There is nothing that is more fulfilling in life than the journey along a personal, individual, unique & exclusive path to one’s destiny.


Joy is my experience of my own emotional power.

Being powerful is a joy.

When I am mentally fulfilled, I feel joyful.

When I am physically content, I feel joyful.

When I feel the emotional joy of my mental fulfilment & my physical contentment, I am truly happy.

I am forever happy being connected to my emotional power.

My Soul is ever happy.

It is the source of my power & the source of my joy.

Joy is the most powerful emotion.

It is the emotion that best expresses my emotional power.

Pure joy is the Soul’s acknowledgment that my Self is fulfilled in its purpose.

It is my Soul approving its contentment with life.

It is my Self in pure alignment with my Soul.

In alignment with my Soul, life is a joy to behold.


Pleasure is the value of meeting an emotional need.

Meeting an emotional need is a pleasure.

When my needs are met, I am pleased.

I please others by meeting their needs.

I pursue pleasure when I am driven by my needs.

I am seen to be pleasant when I please others by meeting their needs.

Pleasing others is my pleasure because I value what I need from them.

Pleasure is always fun.

It is the fun way of meeting my emotional needs.

When my needs are being met, i am having fun.

When my needs are unmet, I am driven to meet them and i am not pleased.

Being needy is unpleasant and not funny.

The more value that I experience in life and the more my needs are met, the more life is fun & pleasurable.